Fostering the GROWTH of well-rounded students


Well-Rounded Curriculum

Programs offered are geared to
foster opportunities for daily success
for each and every child.


Unique Special Events

We offer special events that no
other school does; offering a balance
of fun and learning.


Warm and Caring Staff

Warm, professional educators
who promote well-balanced students
and activities.


Welcome to The Scottsdale School!


 Fostering the Growth of Well-rounded Students


A Historic Private Scottsdale Christian Preschool

The Scottsdale School is the oldest private Christian preschool in Scottsdale. It began in 1948 in a home on Main Street two blocks west of Scottsdale Road. With many blessings from God, the school continues to provide the highest quality of education. Mr. Wil Berry, bought the school in 1977 and moved in to Trinity Church on McCormick Ranch in 1978. In 2003, he moved to the current address in North Scottsdale. In August 2011, Mr. Berry sold the school to Tom and Dianna Wilson. The Wilson’s children attended The Scottsdale School and their wish was to carry on the private Christian preschool’s many fine traditions.

Please stop by the school any weekday between 9:30-11:00 a.m. for a tour and to pick up registration forms. Call 480 451-9442 for more information.


The Scottsdale School Philosophy


The Scottsdale School is a non-denominational Christian School. Our foundation is Christ centered and we have both staff and family who share the same desire to share God’s unconditional love. Our goal is to provided a nurturing and loving environment for children to learn and grow.


Preschool Goals


Our preschool goals are to instill a love of learning, create a warm environment, develop social skills, provide a stimulating school experience, and expose the children to Christian tradition and values.