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Here’s What Our Families Are Saying About Us

We love all the love and support we get from the Scottsdale school! We have been here for 2 years and will be starting our 2-year-old next year as well. I know we had a lot of options with choosing a school, but I am beyond grateful that this is where we settled on. The ladies that greet us every morning are warm and welcoming. The teachers are loving toward the kiddos and we love them so much! Diana, the principal is always around and her door is always open if you need anything. She has created an amazing environment at the Scottsdale School.

Beatrice H

When moving across the country with our two little boys we were so nervous about finding somewhere for them to feel at home and help with this transition. The Scottsdale School has been such a blessing to us and has welcomed our family in so many ways. The staff and teachers are so loving and truly care about each of the students. The values and lessons they are learning everyday is something I am so grateful for.

Carla D

We came to The Scottsdale School with my now 7 year old daughter for Summer Camp three years ago. We absolutely fell in love with the staff and directors. They have the best program that Scottsdale and Phoenix has to offer and she had a blast. It’s safe, educational and fun. After our Summer Camp experience, we enrolled my younger daughter in the Two’s Program when she turned two. The love and education and fun that she has is next to no other Pre-school in the area. The staff genuinely loves and cares for your child. Aside from home, my child is taught how to be a good little person. The Scottsdale School has become our family. My only regret is not sending my older daughter to The Scottsdale School for her preschool years. My older daughter has ADHD, and the love and patience, support and just the right amount of discipline that her Counselors/Teachers gave her is unforgettable. We ar truly blessed to be a part of The Scottsdale School family.

Kimberly R

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