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August 4th :
Meet the Teacher
August 8th :
First Day of School

September 5th :
CLOSED – Labor Day
September 19th– 21st :
School Pictures

October 10th– 14th :
Fall Break – Childcare Only
October 22nd :
Family Picnic
October 31st :
Halloween Parade and Class Parties

November 1st– 15th :
Thanksgiving Food Drive
November 11th :
Veteran’s Day – Childcare Only
November 22nd :
Thanksgiving Celebration
November 23rd :
Thanksgiving Break – Childcare Only
November 24th– 25th :
CLOSED – Thanksgiving

December 5th – 15th :
Toys for Tots Toy Drive
December 12th – 13th :
Christmas Musical
December 16th :
Christmas Parties
December 19th – 22nd :
Childcare Only
December 23rd & 26th :
CLOSED- Christmas
December 27th – 30th :
Christmas Break – Childcare Only


January  2nd :
January  3rd :
Back To School!
January  16th :
Martin Luther King Day – Childcare Only
January  30th –  February 3rd :
Book Fair

February 14th :
Valentine’s Day Class Parties
February 20th :
President’s Day- Childcare Only

March 6th– 10th :
Western Week – Round-Up and Class Parties – March 10th
March 13th– 17th :
Spring Break – Childcare Only
March 27th– 31st :
Teacher Appreciation Week

April 6th :
Easter Parties
April 7th :
CLOSED – Good Friday
April 22nd :
Spring Musical

May 9th :
Art Fair
May 25th :
May 26th :
Childcare Only
May 29th :
CLOSED – Memorial Day
May 30th– 31st :
Childcare Only

June 1st– 2nd :
Childcare Only
June 5th :
Summer Camp Begins!

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