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We offer a Wide Variety of Extra Curricular Activities for the Mind, Body and Soul… “Extras” start after lunch and all conclude before 1pm. Each activity is offered 1-2 times per week and will not interfere with regular classes.

little boy practicing baseball swing

Starter Baseball

Starter Baseball provides recreation and athletic training through comprehensive baseball and softball instruction. Our goal is to improve knowledge of the game, enhance skills and instill confidence.
Our Training approach – Starter Baseball promotes concepts such as team work, fitness, sportsmanship, competition, hard work and positive attitude. We teach all skills related to baseball such as hitting, base running, throwing, catching, fielding and sliding.

group of girls during ballet class

Dance Class

Ballet and Jazz by Dancers Domain
Dancers Domain instructors teach stretching, strengthening, and creative movement set to music. The goal of our classes is to provide a positive and enjoyable dance experience for the children.
tumbling class

Tumbling & Agility

Desert Storm Elite

Training and teaching skills, flexibility, tumbling and hand eye skills useful in all sports. The learning environment is fun and positive. Students will have a performance for parents before the holidays and in the Spring.

Hi-Five Soccer & Hi-Five Basketball

These classes are after lunch once a week from October-April at The Scottsdale School. Soccer training and Basketball training classes teach the children skills for each sport while having fun outside on our playground. Find the registration forms and sign-up sheet in the front office or contact us at

kids giving high fives after football

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