Well-Rounded Curriculum

Programs offered are geared to
foster opportunities for daily success
for each and every child.


Unique Special Events

We offer special events that no
other school does; offering a balance
of fun and learning.


Warm and Caring Staff

Warm, professional educators
who promote well-balanced students
and activities.


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School Event Photos at The Scottsdale School

At the beginning of each school year our Scottsdale¬†Junior Kindergarten¬†class plans, practices and performs in the “Junior Kindergarten¬†Circus”. Our special events calendar continues with Harvest Parties, Family Picnic, Thanksgiving Feast and the Christmas Musical before we break for Christmas.

After the Holidays we resume our special events with Western Week/Cookout, Spring Olympics, Art Fair and the Spring Musical.

The Scottsdale School Circus

Harvest Parties

Family Picnic

Thanksgiving Feast

Christmas Musical

Western Week

Spring Olympics

Art Fair

Spring Musical

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