Well-Rounded Curriculum

Programs offered are geared to
foster opportunities for daily success
for each and every child.


Unique Special Events

We offer special events that no
other school does; offering a balance
of fun and learning.


Warm and Caring Staff

Warm, professional educators
who promote well-balanced students
and activities.


Support Your Child to Get the Most out of School

Read with your child.  Reading is a skill your child will use for every subject in school and, well, for just about everything in life, too.  Get him or her started loving to read and enjoying it. You can also take your child to a book reading at a library or bookstore, or maybe even meet an author.  Also, it is a good idea to read in front of your child to demonstrate your own passion for reading.

Display work your child brings home from school.  It means so much to a kiddo when you recognize their accomplishment – be it a good grade on a math assignment or a simple piece of art.  You can put it on the fridge, take a picture of your child holding up their work and then post it on social media, or even save it to print for a scrapbook.  Kids love to please their parents, so it thrills them when you are proud, and encourages them to put their best effort into their work.

Ask detailed questions about your child’s day. You always want to be sure your child is getting the most out of their school day; that your precious one feels secure and happy, has friends, and is engaged by the teacher in their lessons.  When you show an interest in your child’s school day, it lets her know how important school is.  Of course, getting all the details has the added benefit of discovering any problems or potential problems so you can get them addressed and resolved. It is also a great idea because little ones are so ready to open up, and that sets good groundwork for when they get a little older, and may be a little more hesitant to share with their parents.

Have your child teach you about something she has learned.  There is no better way to remember something than to repeat what you learned to someone else.  As she is telling you what she learned, you can also help her understand the topic better by making connections to the topic with her past experiences or knowledge. Maybe they learned in school about how different things sink or float in water, and you can recount the story of the driftwood you saw when boating last summer with her.

Make up a simple song. It is always fun to make up a song to remember something.  Use a simple tune you both know like, “Happy Birthday” or “Row Row Row Your Boat” and just insert your own words.  Or you can use a simple statement like, “Strong bones, strong teeth need calcium” and add a few notes to it.  My kids have never forgotten that fact!

Time to Enroll! If your child is ready for preschool or kindergarten, it is time to pick up the phone and call (480) 451-9442 to start the enrollment process at the Scottsdale School.  The school offers a well-rounded curriculum for your little student.