Well-Rounded Curriculum

Programs offered are geared to
foster opportunities for daily success
for each and every child.


Unique Special Events

We offer special events that no
other school does; offering a balance
of fun and learning.


Warm and Caring Staff

Warm, professional educators
who promote well-balanced students
and activities.



The Scottsdale School is the oldest private school in Scottsdale, Arizona

The Scottsdale School is a Christian preschool and Kindergarten that also offers Summer Camp and after school care for elementary-age children. Our goal is to serve you and your family by creating a safe, nurturing learning environment where children can grow and thrive in their individual gifts and personalities. We take great pride in listening to the unique needs of every family, and we work closely with you and your children to make their early school experiences both positive and rewarding.

Our History

As the oldest private school in Scottsdale, we began as the “Scottsdale Preschool and Kindergarten” in 1948 on Main Street, two blocks west of Scottsdale Road. The program was highly successful serving fifty children through the 1950’s and 1960’s. As the population center of Scottsdale moved north in the 1970’s and many preschools and child care centers followed, enrollment began to decrease.

In August of 1977, the school was purchased by Mr. Wil Berry, who actively began to build enrollment. By Auguststaffa_mrberry 1978, the Main Street property was sold, and the school was moved to Trinity Church in McCormick Ranch. At that time, the school began to openly operate as a Christian school. Prior to that time, however, the staff had a great desire to serve the Lord, and did so with exceptional teaching and by creating a loving, caring environment for the children.

Our Focus & Philosophy

The Scottsdale School maintains a fine staff of experienced, well-trained educators who are serious about their work. They are serving you, your child, and the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is difficult for us to separate a discussion about our programs from a discussion about our staff. A school is as good as its teachers. We are a non-denominational school and our staff members attend a number of Christian churches throughout the Valley. We teach Bible truths that are comprehensible for each age level.

Although we have specific Bible activities, our Christian instruction is not encapsulated into a single learning segment.Our staff at chapel Instead, it permeates our entire program.

More important than any deliberate instruction regarding God’s love is the behavior of the teacher. His or her discipline and overall approach to children will teach more than even the most well rounded curriculum.

As parents you are welcome to our service regardless of your belief. Chapel is held two times each week for the entire school. This is a 30 minute program with 15-20 minutes of music and 10 minutes of message presentation by Mr. Berry or a teacher.

Our staff believes the time spent with your child is a privilege. Thank you for entrusting us with their first school years and for sharing your child with us.

God Bless,

Wil Berry & The Entire Staff